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My name is Stephanie Schosser, I was born in 1964 and come from the heart of Upper Swabia, the area around the Bussen (holy mountain of Upper Swabia) and Bad Buchau at the Federsee.

Professionally I worked as an Software Developer, IT System Administrator and in the Automotive Sector as a Requirements Manager and in Customer Support. Throughout my professional life to date, I have always had a lot to do with IT, projects and customers. Customer service and customer contact was always an important component of my various activities.

Since about 2007 I am also active in genealogy. My private genealogy is available as a family tree and blog on the internet ( And as it is with genealogy – it did not let me go. The starting point were my early deceased paternal grandparents which I never got to know. In conversations with parents and aunts I tried to approach the topic – since that time I do genealogy.

Today I am a member of associations, have collected many experiences & data & books and exchanged information with many people – worldwide. Several DNA tests for me and family members have established new contacts – it is amazing who has emigrated in the extended family.

So over time I developed the desire to focus on genealogy professionally as well.