Private Ancestry Research

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I am doing genealogical research since 2007.

  • I manage my genealogical data with Webtrees on a private server.
  • In addition, I use a WordPress blog to collect small stories, anecdotes and also pictures at a defined place. In the genealogical data on the Webtrees site this would disappear somewhere in the depths of the family tree.

Starting in 2017, I have also entered the field of DNA genealogy with several DNA tests from different companies. This resulted in interesting new matches and findings.

  • A cousin of my great-grandmother emigrated to the USA and had a lot of children. I discovered this through a DNA relationship.
  • I was able to confirm several ancestor lines at great-great-grandparent level through DNA matches (Schirmer, Stör, Engelhart, …).

I am using the big genealogy platforms more or less intensively for private research – but all the data I find in the Internet has to be verified with sources

  • Familysearch
  • Ancestry (auch DNA)
  • MyHeritage (auch DNA)
  • Geneanet (auch DNA)
  • Archion
  • Matricula

I am a member of the following associations:

Motto: Genealogy without sources is mythology (a nice phrase from a fellow researcher)

  • Every person must be proved with sources
  • With DNA genealogy I could already “confirm” many lines, the paper sources are correct